Bracelet and integral case and extremely thin movement are characteristic

The history of Piaget started with Lacco ou Fe of Switzerland. It was in 1874 that Georges Edouard Piaget, the founder of the company, launched Piaget.

In 1956 the famous hand winding movement Caliber 9P was born. In 1960, we announced the caliber 12P, an automatic winding movement registered in the Guinness Book of 2.3 in thickness.

After that, the ladies' watch announced in 1960, the bezel and dial face beautifully integrated naturally with the design of the gold bracelet. It is a brand that can expect further evolution in the future.


As the brand name, we adopt a case design like a boat window

Hublot was founded in 1979 by the MDM company (presently Hublro Geneva), founded by Italian Carlo Crocco in Nyon, a small town on the banks of Leman Switzerland in Switzerland. "Hublot" is the French word "ship window". As brand name, in addition to the heavy case design that does not have a bezel or rug that reminds of the boat window, boldly adopted the rubber strap, completely defeated the old fixed concept of the Swiss watchmaking process. And even now even after more than a quarter of a century since birth, we constantly produce a cutting-edge design with a constant eye on the future.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet watches which is a synonymous existence of complicated watches

In 1882 the history of Audemars Piguet began with Jules Louis Audemars and Edouard Auguste Piguet at Le Bras in Switzerland.

It was the 10 th World Expo in Paris opened in Paris in 1880 that made Audemars Piguet's name worldwide known. By the Grand-Complicato casion pocket watch which integrated the function of the complicated watch into one watch, at that time, proved the highest standard of watch technology globally. After that I also made watches of new ideas one after another. The watch technology continues to be handed down from time to time, and continues to produce major machines one after another.

Patek Philippe

A synonymous brand of luxury watch kept loved by many celebrities

In the history of Patek Philippe, Antoine Norbert de Patek, born in Poland, began producing high-class pocket watches in Geneva as exile. In collaboration with Francois Chapec of the same Polish immigrant, established the first company "Patek chapec company" in 1839. Then, according to the inventive genius Jean - Adrian Philippe and Patek, Patek chapec company changed the company name of "Patek Philippe", greatly advanced world clock making, and brand that had its name in history is.

Jaeger Le Coultre

Jaeger LeCoultre Representative Model is "Levelso" for polo competition

In 1833, Antoine · LeCoultre was founded in Le Santier, Switzerland, a small atelier later to be the Manufacture of Jaeger-LeCoultre. In order to completely manufacture our company from the beginning to the end, 40 kinds of occupations are terminated in one place. It was done carefully according to the tradition of high-class watchmaking tradition called "Bell Orlo jury", and we make full use of modern latest technology. Reiso announced in 1931 is a reversing timepiece designed to prevent the watch from breaking even during polo competition. The reversing watch is still one of the representative watch series at Jaeger Le Coultre's clock.

Alan Sylvester Inn

Establish unique style such as minority production, geometric design

Alan Sylvester Inn has workshops in the area of ​​Besançon, France, since the establishment of the brand, producing only 2000 pieces per year. Alan Silvesa in watches are called art pieces in the limited production and geometric design, the message nature included in the design and functions of each model, and the development of various functions that have not been realized so far. It is also a fact that attracts attention from all over the world as a pioneer in watchmaking. Alain Silvesta Inn will continue to pursue and build even more unique view of the world.