Popular celebrity favorite watch ~ Men's edition ~

Men's arms supplely trained and watches that are familiar to their arms are all indispensable to enhance the presence of celebrities.

Harry Styles, one of the members of the British world musician group ONE DIRECTION, "rolex" stainless steel steel case can also be said to be the royal road of watches × black "SUBMARINER" I love you. For other young people changing from a childish boyhood to a cheerful adult, such as having "Audema Piguet Royal Oak", it is said to be the oldest watch brand in the world and was founded in 1875, the historic Audemars · Piguet pink gold case is one of the items to which playfulness is added.

At the 74th Venice International Film Festival George Clooney's wristwatch was a "Seamaster Aqua Terra" series of "Omega". It is "Seamaster Aqua Terra master chronometer". It is a book that makes you feel the margin of an adult by a hard 41 mm diameter stainless steel steel and a blur Rubbed Tsutsuraba edged with white stitch. Others may acquire such as "De Bill Hour Vision", which seems to be an indispensable item for stylish attire.

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks of the Oscar winning seems to like "Omega" and "Rolex" watches.
It seems that "Omega" used "Speed ​​Master Professional", "Rolex" used to favor "Explorer". Easy to wear with relatively reasonable staple items and sports models is also attractive.

David Beckham who has a name in the football legend. The wrist worn by him is the Mechanical Automatic movement "Rodex" Mechanical Automatic movement "Seedu Error Deep Sea". Waterproofness that it can divide up to 3900 m and form enough to withstand it combines beauty as well as functionality. The rugged clock is familiar with the sports player Beckham 's arm. By the way, Beckham's wife Victoria Beckham also uses "Rolex."

For "ROLEX", there are many other celebrities you love.
Justin Bieber, a musician with enthusiastic fans around the world, wears "Daytona Yellow Gold". It is a nice feeling that the brightness of yellow gold matches the atmosphere of Justin.
In addition, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt who can feel the cute like a boy forever is "Daytona black champagne gold" and draws out the attraction of adults to the maximum.

I introduced a high brand watch worn by the world's celebrities. If you are a man who can wear such a wrist watch with Sararito, it may be natural to be popular.