In autumn's attire Calfskin gorgeous coloring

Autumn fashion with many calm colors. It tends to be a modest Corde, "I want a little more glamorous" Do not you think so. It is Calfskin that you can rely on such a time. Just by adding it to usual Corde, the overall impression will be gorgeous. It coordinates with one point, so it is also recommended for adult women who like chic attire. There are plenty of arranging methods, just having one has fun choosing a Corde in one season.
This time we will introduce four types of Calfskin of Hermes which is perfect for such autumn attire.

1. Twilly

Brilliant Orange fascinates your eyes, this is Calfskin. The large geometric pattern is Oriental, atmosphere like a foreign resort. Black at the tip has become a point and tightening the overall impression.
This is Twilly type which is said that Hermes has become a fire. An elongated and compact size feeling is easy to handle, attractive. Of course, you can raise your fashion by just wrapping around the bags and wrists before going out, as well as Corde wrapping around the classic neck. Because it can be used as a belt, it is also interesting as a starting point for Corde when you want to emphasize the waist. Let's enjoy free arrangement in combination with hand-held fashion.

2. Powantou

The classic popular pattern "BRIDES de GALA" was designed in a silhouette style here. Its pretty pink is in tone, but the red with low saturation is creating a calm impression, it is a feminine feminine design of an adult. If you add it to the simple attire, the cuteness will be plastered to an extent not insisting too much.
Triangle Calfskin is easy to use, not only the classic triangular winding but also it can be used like a twilly type wound in a slender shape. In autumn where the season changes, it is a nice point that you can wear it like a stole and use it for body temperature adjustment. Before going out, put it in a bag and think that it might be a little chilly, you can lightly coat, you can do anything.

3. Carre

Speaking of Hermes' s Calfskin, the classic Carre. One piece is an item I would like to have. A cute dish where pink and red Rogoli bon pattern was treated. The white of the base is full of cleanliness. Overall gentle impression design makes a simple impression of the autumn simple fashion a soft impression.
This is a small handkerchief design. It's easy to wrap up when you want to use it, just right handiness. It can also be used like a twilly wrapping short type. Just tightly tie the neck, tie it to the hair knot that you gathered with a hair rubber, or just a little work cuteness will be plastered slightly. The elegant base white is recommended to combine with a gold sharp Rubbedette or bangle when wrapping it around your wrist.

4. Losinj

This is a bright yellow, I feel like I feel better just wearing it. Because it contains light orange, brown and green, it is familiar to autumn fashion. It is the first time to incorporate Calfskin into Corde in the autumn, it is also recommended for those who like it.
Characteristic Pleated design which was processed like Wrinkles like it was repeated. It is Calfskin which was unique processing not seen so much except Hermes. If you are already familiar with "Calfskin and are familiar with it," try incorporating a different design from the classic and differentiate it from others.