You can buy at less than 500,000 yen, affordable Rolex

The clock of ROLEX has a very high-class image. It is a watch brand representative even in the world with a history of over 100 years. There are things that make it the closest to 10 million yen. There are many people who think that they want a high class watch. However, if it is too expensive to get out, I will give up. There is a ROLEX watch that you can purchase at less than 500,000 yen there.

1. Datejust

First of all, I'd like to recommend a type of watch called Datejust 1601. This watch is an adult-like design with Silver. There are many scenes that are difficult to use flashy designs when you grow up. If it is Silver, you can use it anytime, it's for men but it is recommended even for women. The price is also 350,000 yen so it will be easy to purchase.

2. Explorer

Here is the introduction. It is kind of Explorer 114270. This type is also a design which is summarized by Silver. But the color of the dial is different from the first one introduced. The first dial introduced was Silver, but this dial is black. Recommended for those who want to decide coolly. Even this design, work and Plat Evebat will be easy to use. The price is 480,000 yen, which is a bit better than the previous one, but it is affordable.

3. Air kick

The third watch to introduce is the type of airking 5500. This is the same color as the watch introduced in the 1st and is unified with Silver, but the design of the dial and the part of the band are different. Compared to the first one, the band here is wider and looks simpler. What's even different is the price. The first one was 350,000 yen, while this product is 300,000 yen. Although it is a little difference, it is very affordable.

4. Precision

The fourth watch is Precision 3410. Here is a big design different from the three I have been introduced so far, the dial is gold and the band is black. The watch here is using two colors of gold and black, there is a mature luxury feeling. It is a design that adds even more sex when adult men attach. You can also feel the luxury feel of ROLEX. The price you care about is 300,000 yen, it is affordable although there is also a very luxurious feeling.

5. Perpetual Date

The fifth watch to introduce last is the type called Perpetual Date 69160. This design is also unified in Silver. What is different is design of dial figures. There are meters that are larger than the ones we have introduced so far and display the date. Silver which is easy to use because it is an adult is good, but it is recommended for those who prefer different designs with other people. The price here is the lowest price of 280,000 yen among the five watches we have introduced up to now. It is very profitable to purchase ROLEX watches at this price, so it may be a good idea to present themselves to someone or give it to someone else.

Let's take this opportunity to buy a ROLEX watch. It will surely be a favorite watch.