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About the condition

Brand bargains show the conditions associated with the number of times the product is used according to the following criteria. Please use as a guide when searching for items, such as narrowing down the product list page.

condition Standard set by our company
N Brand new
S unused
SA As good as new
A There is some feeling of use, but goods in good condition
AB Product that some feeling of use, wound, Stain can be seen
B There is a feeling of use, a small and medium wound, Stain is seen
BC There is a feeling of use, small and medium-sized scratches, products that Stain stand out
C There is a considerable feeling of use, scratches, products that stand out Stain
JA Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing with a special cloth have been completed at our own shop.
A+ Stain and feeling of use are almost unnoticeable, and it is a very beautiful second-hand product.


Please refer to the image below for typical damage listed in the condition. In addition, the image has posted significant damage. (※ about C · D rank)

Shop own rank

Condition rank may be established for each shop. Please refer to "About the store" of each shop for the standard.