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Description of item

Natural blue sapphire with 10ct up, is a ring that pushed the material to the front. The triangle-cut diamonds are sharp and good-looking design.


category Ring, ring
Material 2719
weight9.4 g
No.No. 13
Detailed remarks Sapphire size (Length Width: 12.8 mm Vertical Width: 15.6 mm) Diamond sorting (0.817 cc · color: J · SI-1) (0.800 cc · color: H · SI-1)
Stone stone Sapphire 10.98 ct / Diamond 0.817 / 0.8ct
accessories sorting


Second-hand goods   SA About rank
Condition details - There are almost no fine Rubbed in the frame and it is in a very beautiful state. - Although there are some inclusions, there is no stone chipping and it is beautiful.

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