Christian Dior Christian Dior Cufflink / vintage / tie Tie pin blue gold popular beauty goods [pre] J2871 Tie pin unisex

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Item Number:67-j2871
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Description of item

Rank ◆ Product name ◆ View of rank
9 Popular 美 品 ◆ Christian Dior ◆ Christian Dior ◆ Cuffs / Vintage ◆ Women's / Tie Tie pin ◆ ◆ Blue x Gold ◆◆ 【used】 ◆ J2871 【10】 New and unused items

【9】 Super beautiful goods with little feeling of use

[8] There are some scratches, Stain There is a very good mint condition

[7] There are some scratches, Stain There are good mint condition

【6】 Goods that can be used normally

【5】 There is somewhat difficulty

【4】 junk item

※ Please consider as an approximate guide.
◆ Comment
Christian Dior 【Christian Dior】 tie is Tie pin cufflink
◆ State
There is a feeling of general use such as Rubbed Scratch Stain.

Control number J 2871
color Blue x gold
Model number
Clarification number
size cuffs
(Length): 2 cm (length): 1 cm

Nek Tie pin
Total length: 5 cm Width: 0.5 cm
Number of pockets
accessories Storage box
Reference price -

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category Tie pin
brandChristian Dior
typeChristian Dior Christian Dior Cufflink / vintage / tie Tie pin blue gold popular beauty goods [pre] J2871

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