Dior Dior's Calfskin Men's Logo Beige x Brown Silk / 100% Popular Sale 【Second Hand】 L1252 Calfskin unisex

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6 Popular Sale ◆ Dior ◆ Dior ◆ Calfskin ◆ Men's Available ◆ Logo ◆ Beige x Brown ◆ Silk / 100% ◆ 【Used】 ◆ L1252 【10】 New and unused items

【9】 Super beautiful goods with little feeling of use

[8] There are some scratches, Stain There is a very good mint condition

[7] There are some scratches, Stain There are good mint condition

【6】 Goods that can be used normally

【5】 There is somewhat difficulty

【4】 junk item

※ Please consider as an approximate guide.
◆ Comment
It is Califskin of Dior 【Dior】.
Simple logo design It is a silk material with good touch
◆ State
You can still use it.
There is a feeling of general use such as Rubbed Stains Wrinkles (small).

Control number L1252
Material Silk / 100%
color Beige x Brown
Model number
Explicit number
size Length Width: 70 cm
Vertical width: 70 cm
Number of pockets
accessories Paper package (with Rubbed Scratch Stain)
Reference price -

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※ Although we try to reproduce faithfully, colors may vary depending on the model of the monitor.
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※ It will be delivered only to image publications.
* We can not accept returns except when there are defects markedly different from the description contents of the item description.


category Calfskin
brandChristian Dior
typeDior Dior's Calfskin Men's Logo Beige x Brown Silk / 100% Popular Sale 【Second Hand】 L1252

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