T Square · No. 13 (Exact size in Japan) · Ring width: 3 mm · Partial width: 8 mm Ring 750 (18K white gold) Women

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It is T squaring of TIFFANY & Co.. It is a simple yet impressive design. For white gold material, it is not too flashy, it is also recommended for those who do not use accessories from everyday. On September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis · TIFFANY & Co. and others established a company called TIFFANY & Co. · And Young, the predecessor of TIFFANY & Co.. 1886 Designed as TIFFANY & Co. Setting the most beautiful setting of diamonds. Establishing a typical setting that is regarded as mainstream in current engagement rings etc. by setting the nail which supports the round brilliant cut diamond with six fine claws. It is a brand of internationally renowned jewelry and silver products.


category Ring
typeT Square
Material 750 (18K white gold)
weight6.6 g
Notation size· No. 13 (Exact size in Japan) · Ring width: 3 mm · Partial width: 8 mm
accessories None


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Condition details · Inside Some things like plating peeling can be seen. · Although polished finishing is completed, please understand scratches that can not be finished and small scratches that accompany shop front exhibitions.

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