Bvlgari BVLGARI BifoldBill Compartment wallet Women's Men Available Brown Leather Popular Sale [Used] J18235 Other mens

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Rank ◆ Product name ◆ View of rank
6 Popular sale ◆ Bvlgari ◆ BVLGARI ◆ BifoldBill Compartment wallet ◆ Women's Men ◆ ◆ Brown ◆ Leather ◆ 【Used】 ◆ J18235 【10】 New and unused items

【9】 Super beautiful goods with little feeling of use

[8] There are some scratches, Stain There is a very good mint condition

[7] There are some scratches, Stain There are good mint condition

【6】 Goods that can be used normally

【5】 There is somewhat difficulty

【4】 junk item

※ Please consider as an approximate guide.
◆ Comment
It is Bifold Bill Compartment of Bulgari 【BVLGARI】.
Compact size makes it easy to carry
◆ State
You can still use it enough.
There is a corner Rubbed color peeling. Other, Rubbed scratches Stain Wrinkles Yore Bill Compartment has general feeling such as darkening.

Control number J18235
Material leather
color Brown
Model number
Explicit number
size Length Width: 11.5 cm
Height: 9.5 cm
Depth: 1 cm
Number of pockets [Inside]
Open pocket x 4
Bill Compartment x 2
Card Slotx 6
accessories None
Reference price -

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category Other
typeBvlgari BVLGARI BifoldBill Compartment wallet Women's Men Available Brown Leather Popular Sale [Used] J18235

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