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It is an "ellips ring" that features a rounded design. It is a ring of simple design, but this ring with a ruby ​​set in the center is a ring full of luxury. The yellow gold and ruby ​​glow will make your finger beautiful. In 1847, Cartier handed over the atelier in Paris from the jeweler Picaelle, which was the first step in the great history of Cartier Maison. Cartier has made great strides as a global jewelry brand in three cities, Paris, London and New York, and will grow until it is described by King Edward VII as "the king's jeweler, the king of jewelers". Even now widely recognized internationally, continues to shine as a yearning brand that attracts many people around the world


category Other
Country of origin# 52 (Slightly larger than Japan size 11.5) Ring width: 4 mm
Serial Number・全体的に小傷がございますが、使用上問題ございません。

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