Spartacus Blur Rubbed Blur Rubbed 18K white gold unisex

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Cartier's Spartacus Blur Rubbed. Chain of delicate and connected white gold gives us charm at hand. Since Chain can attach your favorite charm, you can coordinate according to the mood of the day. It is a world famous cartier shake Rubbedt. In 1847, Cartier got the atelier of Paris from the jeweler's Picayre, which became the first step in the great history of Cartier Maison. Later on as global gem brand in three cities of Paris, London and New York, Cartier will grow until King Edward VII of "King's jeweler, jeweler's king". It is still widely recognized internationally and continues to shine as a longing brand that fascinates many people all over the world


category Blur Rubbed
typeSpartacus Blur Rubbed
Material 18K white gold
Country of origin· Overall length: 19 cm · Around the wrist: 18 cm · Width: 4 mm
Serial Number・磨き仕上げ済みですが、仕上げ切れない小傷や店頭展示に伴う小傷等はご了承くださいませ。

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