373.508 Watches StainleStainless Steel Steel rubber StainleStainless Steel Steel Women

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Item Number:72-7I0426IL5
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Although the warranty certificate is attached to the photograph, the description part such as serial number, purchase etc. has disappeared.


category Watches
Material StainleStainless Steel Steel , rubber , StainleStainless Steel Steel
Country of originSwitzerland
adjustable bracelet14 cm to 20.5 cm
Bandwidth1.5 cm
Model number373.508
Color Orange / green


Second-hand goods   A About rank
Condition details Although I do not feel a feeling of use almost, there are parts that are like white discolors in the belt rubber part accompanying storage, the rotating triangle part of 0 o'clock part of Bezel is thin, other small wounds etc. It becomes very beautiful goods.

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