Bored 31Handbag Courchevel Courchevel Women

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Item Number:72-7I0428BL5
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category Handbag
modelBored 31
Material Courchevel Courchevel
Country of originFrance
width31 cm
Height24 cm
Depth12.5 cm
Production year1996Year
Stamp○ Z
Color gold
accessories Array , Accessories are only Clochette.


Second-hand goods   C About rank
Condition details There are a lot of noticeable cracks on the handle as shown in the picture. There are Hotle Peel in the stitch near the fastener. There is a rubbed wound in the corner. There is a feeling of use such as scratch, rubbing, Stain as a whole. There is damage to the leather root of the zipper pull.

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