WIRED f SweetCollection AGEK049 Watches Stainless steel leather レディース

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category Watches
typeWIRED f SweetCollection
Material Stainless steel , leather
Case thickness7
Around arm17cm
Bandwidth1 cm
Case typeTonoface
Display typeAnalog display
Dial face colorwhite
Model numberAGEK049
WindshieldCut hard rex
Detail Remarks 10 atmospheric pressure waterproof, average monthly difference ± 20 seconds Double winding belt size 13 to 17 cm ※ The size is approximate because of the actual may differ. Please note.
Color gold
accessories We will deliver it in our designated case.


Second-hand goods   SA About rank
Condition details There are fine scratches on the case. There are rubbed and Indentation with display and storage on the belt. There are no noticeable scratches and it is in a beautiful state.

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