Autocross 32 - Handbag Vat Sullye Women

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Description of item

The bag named Autoclore was announced as the first bag of Hermes and is a handbag said to have become the prototype of Birkin.


category Handbag
typeAutocross 32
Notation colorgold
Material Vat Sullye
width32 cm
Height27 cm
Depth16 cm
Model number
Serial Number
Year of production2004Year
Detailed remarks Bag opening / closing / flap opening and closing Inside: interior zip pocket x 1 Inside: Open pocket x 1
accessories Genuine box · Storage bag · Cadena · Clochette · key x 2 · rain cover


Second-hand goods   A About rank
Condition details There are Rubbed in the four corners. Rubbed on the surface, there is pen yogore. There is Rubbed dirt on the handle. Scratch is in Hardware. Inside there is Rubbed, yogore.

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