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Item Number:72-8F0034BI5
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Description of item

Hermes picnic set. It will be a very unusual set containing a set of six photos in the case of leather. There is damage in the storage box. There is an initial stamped "EA".


category Other
Material leather , Silver , plastic
Country of originFrance
Color Bordeaux


Second-hand goods   C About rank
Condition details SStain / Scratch / Rubbed is a little on the whole. ◇ Cracked handle / there is a tear. SStain / Rubbed is a little inside. ◇ Silver-based accessories include Stain / Rubbed / Kusumi. ◇ Leather case and rectangular case have Hermes engraving, but other items do not have Hermes markings for items of the age, so please make a judgment on the image.

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