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Miu Miu was born as PRADA 's second line in 1992.
The brand name of lovely sound is the grandson of Mario PRADA which is the founder of PRADA, and it was attached after the infant nickname of current designer Miuchca · PRADA.
While adopting a clean and pure atmosphere like a girl, the design is finished in a stylish impression is a brand of charm.
A feminine casual style incorporating elements of fine quality and natural materials, casual style of sweetness and cute girls' specials, casually drawing out the cute part of an adult woman, "Coordinate without taking the air There is a reputation as a brand to be adopted.
In order to target a wider generation, fans are also popular among young people thanks to the design which anticipated the trend more than PRADA, and young people also have many fans, such as wear and bags, shoes such as sandals and pumps, small items such as wallet, sunglasses, headband Until the various items announced in the collection, the eyes of women around the world are pinned every time.