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Tory Burch started with creative director Tory Burch and his associates launching a lifestyle brand in downtown New York.
Items inspired by her favorite things, such as photographs and art from the 1960s and 1970s and movies to vintage wardrobes, are designed to start with wear and range from bags to shoes to leather goods. .
Even among the rich lineup, it was "REVA" of rubber shoes that caught the eyes of fashion people in particular.
Not only stylish design, but also cheap price setting as a designer's brand attracted attention.
A snapshot of a fashion person wearing this shoe is published in a fashion magazine and travels around the world, and will soon become very popular in various countries.
It is sold at more than 400 stores worldwide, in addition to 17 storefront stores, attracting many women from all over the world.
Roadside shops were born in Japan in 2009, and it is no doubt that their popularity will continue to rise.