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In 1945, business designer Celine Vipiana launched her children's shoes store from a children's shoe store with her husband, a Parisian fashion brand.
In 1959, a female moccasin "Inca" with a hardware-type hardware decoration was a big hit.
In 1965, perfume and Scalfskin, made its way into the bag in 1966, and in 1967 started to prepare.
With the start of the bag, it became popular among first-class brands by gaining popularity with Moccasins based on the motif of Celine's current pattern, which is the motif of the Celine, and the buckle bag "Salky" and the hardware of the harness.
Although not a haute couture maison, its elegance has attracted the support of the Paris luxury.
Then, in 1987, Financier Agasse, headed by Bernard Arnaud, acquired Celine.
In 1996, the company that used to be Agashe will move to LVME, and will become Moe Hennessy LOUIS VUITTON.
In 2008, Phoebe Philo, active as Chloe's creative director, became a creative designer and continues to provide items that are gaining popularity in Japan.