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The Miles & Lilians and their associates have noticed the beauty of a baseball glove that is robust and tastes better as you use it.
A small leather goods store made of glove leather, which began in 1941 in New York in New York, became a leading brand in the world had the power of two people. br> The first is Bonnie Kashin. The bag designed by her who also worked on film costumes made a big hit, and the first overseas store was born. br> The second is Reed Krakkov, who met as a creative director in 1996. He strengthens the fashion department in order to lower the main target that has gone with the times. br> Compared to other high-brands, when the price is relatively low and the design is also good and well designed, fashion sensitive young people can not leave it alone. br> The coach quickly raised awareness. br> The signature line's birth in 2001 also boosted the brand. br> Now, as the world's fastest growing fashion brand, keep an eye on the coach in the future.