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The history of PRADA starts with Mario PRADA opening his leather goods shop in Milan with his brother in 1913.
Using fine leather and unusual decorative materials collected from all over the world, items made by artisans became a topic among the bourgeoisers and became the purveyor brand of the Italian royal family at the time.
However, after the death of the founder Mario PRADA, PRADA, who failed to keep up with the changing times, will enter a period of stagnation. Such a critical situation was saved by the granddaughter, and still today is the designer of PRADA and Miu Miu Micha, PRADA.
After becoming an owner and designer in 1978, she introduced Nylon, which was used as a light and durable industrial waterproof fabric called "Bocono", to PRADA, which was famous as a leather product brand.
A simple nylon bag with a triangle plate with a brand logo, which is still used in many items, recorded a huge hit in the blink of an eye.
And again, PRADA has now revived as a top brand like before.