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Founder LOUIS VUITTON, who was born in a small village in France, jumped from his hometown to Paris, the city of fashion, at the age of 14 years old.
The history begins with the fact that Louis who arrived in Paris over a period of two years finished a long dumping and opened the world's first travel bag specialty store in 1854 ... Read more
Inspired by his own journey, the robust trunk has quickly become a favorite among travelers. The second generation George is a big hit with the announcement of Damier Canvas.
In fact, around this time, LOUIS VUITTON has been plagued by uninterrupted copy products, and Damier was born as a countermeasure.
However, because Damier's counterfeit products also have a Length line, we now have a monogram canvas that has become a line representing the brand.
LOUIS VUITTON has grown to become a leader in the branding industry by subsequently releasing various lines.
It was in 1997 that Mark Jacobs became an artistic designer to achieve further growth.
The new design is a mix of tradition and innovation, and still brings a brand new look to the branding industry.