【Store introduction】 LA · JOUR (La Jules)

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【LA · JOUR】 (La Jules)
【Open date】 October 12
【Operating company name】 La Jule
【Administrator's Name】 Kamijo Tadashi
【Items to be handled】 LOUIS VUITTON

It is a shop specializing LOUIS VUITTON. We handle many Louis Vuitton items as well as standard items.

We are also purchasing at real shops, we are a savvy shop for Louis Vuitton.

Store photo

【store information】

· Zip / 399 - 0706

· Store address / Shiojiri City, Nagano prefecture Hirokeda Shinda 215-4 Respa 21 21 1 F

· Opening hours / 10: 00 ~ 18: 00

· Regular holiday / irregular holiday

You can see items of La Jule from here.