Hermes's accessories that you can favorably use as accessories, recommended item

Hermès is the world's leading brand, accessories and accessories such as Wallet are familiar to celebrities all over the world.

1. Bearn

Wallet, which is also a standard in Hermes, is Bearn. Bean which features the texture of fine leather and Hermes 'H' character is popular regardless of gender, it directs casual luxury. Bearn's design is simple and not subject to trends, so it is recommended for those who want to love a single wallet for a long time. Moreover, it is a slim and compact design, it does not take up space even when it is stored in a bag, so it can easily be carried in men, because it fits easily into inner pocket and breast pocket.
The most basic Bain is a stylish and smart purse. With five Card Slots with two pockets, you can store it securely even if it looks slim. For Baren with a unisex design, we recommend the color of black or Silver. It creates a chic and modern atmosphere, and it is good as a favorite item for men.

Bearnsfure has further increased storage capacity than Bearn. It was designed with gusset, cards etc to fit more easily. For Bill Compartment on the side with gusset, you can store 150 sheets for new bills, even 100 bills for other bills. It is easy to use when there is a collective cash payment, and a lot of point cards etc. are entered in gore. Even if there is only this storage, the slim impression is intact.

2. Dogon

If you have a Hermes Wallet, Dogon is also simple and easy to use design. It has a coin pocket in combination with purse, and it is easy to use properly depending on the application.

Dogon has hip bag · waist bag, Card Case etc in addition to purse, there are plenty of items according to going out. Like Bearn, it is widely loved by men.

The popular GM size for men is Length Width and Depth are smaller than common purse, Height is about 1.5 cm larger.

3. Twilly

Hermes is popular with Calfskin, among which Twilly is a free and bold design item that complements the youth of women. Silk is the main material, colorful and innovative designs are rich in color variations from young women to women of a wide range of age groups. It will be good for matching various fashions.

4. Clipper

To Hermes, there are also many stylish and elegant watches, and clippers are mainly loved by adult women. Clipper has a charm of orthodox, it is possible to patronize long without being swayed by a temporary fashion. From Hermes' original fashionable Height, you can use it widely without choosing a scene. Among the Hermes watches, Clipper has become an iconic presence, has become a long seller since the birth in 1981.

Accessories such as Hermes' Wallet and Calfskin are full of trendy items that can not be bored as long as they are fine and long-lasting. Over the years, it will develop further as the world's top brand.