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Description of item

It is a strong briefcase! The fabric is thick, and the inside things are stored firmly. B4 size is large enough to fit, Shoulder strap is attached so it's easy to use. Please use it for business scenes etc!


category Briefcase
Material leather , canvas
Country of originItaly
width46 cm
Height33 cm
Outer pocket Button snap pocketx1
Inner pocket Penholderx3
Card pocketx1
interior zip pocketx1
Open pocketx1
accessories Array , The key is not attached.


Second-hand goods   AB About rank
Condition details A fine Rubbed on the leather part, a faint Stain on the surface of the canvas fabric can be seen. There is a slight stain on the seam part. There is a fine Scratch on the metal part. Scratch · Stain etc which seems to be noticeable as a whole can not be seen and it is in good condition.

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