2004 dolphin sterling silver 1/6 oz Necklace Silver 925 unisex

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Description of item

It is Necklace of Silver. A portrait of Elizabeth II on one side and a picture of a dolphin of Lassen on the back. Ingot body is sterling silver. Come to fashion and collection


category Necklace
type2004 dolphin sterling silver 1/6 oz
Material Silver 925
weight13.3 g
full length48 cm
Top | Top Lengthx Top Vertical x 28 mm
Detailed remarks Vatican OD: Vertical 7 mm Width 3 mm Chain Width: 0.5 mm
accessories only a main part.


Second-hand goods   A About rank
Condition details There is a fine Scratch in the frame, a very fine Scratch · Stain on the surface, but it is not conspicuous. It is a good condition without major damage.

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