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Tory Birch started with creative director Tory Birch and his colleagues setting up a lifestyle brand in downtown New York.
Items that are inspired by her favorite things, such as photographs and arts from the 1960s to the 1970s, vintage word rope from movies, and so on, start with the wear and range from bags, shoes, leather goods etc. .
Among its rich lineups, it was "rubber" of rubber shoes that drew attention to the fashion stakeholders.
Not to mention stylish design, as a designer brand, inexpensive price setting attracted a lot of attention.
A snapshot of a fashion person wearing this shoes is posted in the fashion magazine and it runs all over the world and it will become extremely popular in each country right away.
Besides 17 shop street shops, it is sold in more than 400 shops worldwide and is fascinated by many women all over the world.
A roadside shop was born in 2009 in Japan, and it seems that there will be no doubt that popularity will continue to rise in the future.