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Bottega Veneta, which is highly trusted by people of the upper class in Italy, is a high-grade leather brand founded in 1966 by Molten and Victoria in Italy.
Leather produced by craftsmen 's manual work, such as "Intorechato" using the traditional techniques of skilled leather craftsmen in the northern part of Italy · Veneto region, is said to be "silky" Some people say that it is "silky" There is a reputation for.
In 2001 I entered under the umbrella of the Gucci group and grew to become a recognized brand worldwide by accepting Thomas Meyer, a creative director with a designer's experience with Hermes.
Currently not only items that had been produced from traditional bags such as bags but also putting emphasis on apparel, universal design that is simple and elegant that is appropriate for the brand image in the collection, not flushed to the times, has been appraised .
As long as a polite and simple brand policy worthy of having the name Bottega (kobo) continues, it will not be wrong to keep being loved by people all over the world.